Mrs. Maggie Penton

3rd Degree Black Belt


Mrs. Penton began her Martial Arts training after moving to Merritt Island, FL in early 2009. She was hesitant to begin her training because she assumed Martial Arts was all about fighting. However, after trying several classes, she realized that training with the ATA was a safe and fun way to reach her fitness goals and enjoy a fun activity with her husband. She enjoyed learning the forms, weapons and practical self-defense techniques offered by Songahm Taekwondo.

Mrs. Penton had always wanted to be a teacher and began training in the Instructor Training Program as a white belt. She enjoys teaching Martial Arts to children to help them improve their discipline, self-confidence and fitness in an enjoyable environment. Having personally experienced the benefits of goal setting through Martial Arts training, Mrs. Penton strongly believes that everyone can benefit through training with the ATA.

She assists with classes and operations at M.Y. Martial Arts-Titusville. She earned her 3rd degree black belt at the ATA Fall Nationals International Rank Testing in 2014 and is an Certified Instructor with the American Taekwondo Association. She enjoys competing in ATA Tournaments and constantly working towards becoming a better Martial Artist, parent and instructor.

ATA Certified Instructor
ATA Sparring Level 1 Instructor
ATA Bullying Prevention Trained
PPCT Disruptive Student Management (DSM) Basic Certification
PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Basic Certification